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Leaders of the AOU and COS met together at the annual meeting in Norman, Oklahoma to review the progress and success of our partnerships:  the joint publication of our journals, joint communications and website (American Ornithology.org), and our joint annual conference.   During the leadership meeting, a motion was made for the two societies to pursue a merger.  Both societies formally approved moving ahead with this pursuit in the coming year. During the Oklahoma conference, this action was announced at the AOU Fellows meeting and the COS business meeting.  Both societies will be seeking input from their members, multiple times, as they take the necessary steps in this pursuit. The goal is for the societies to reach consensus on the advisability of merging to best serve our membership, our missions, and ornithology as a profession. Any questions at this early stage should be directed to SCOTT LANYON, President, AOU (lanyo001@umn.edu) and/or MARTIN RAPHAEL, President, COS (mraphael@fs.fed.us).

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