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Best thesis award

Fern Davies

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CMS Thesis Award on Migratory Species, rewarding the best thesis of conservation relevance for migratory species with - 10,000 Euros


For details, see http://www.cms.int/news/PRESS/nwPR2010/07_jul/nw_120710_CMS_Thesis_Award.htm



Deadline for application is 15th of April 2011!


In addition, we had several requests of extending the conditions for the acception period of the thesis to 4 years, which means that theses finished between May 2007 until April 2011 are eligible, to give those who (nearly) missed the last contest a chance.


Please help us to spread the word, by forwarding our link, or by putting up a printed version of the announcement poster, which you can enlarge by a simple mouseclick, at your university or research station.


Note that application is open for everybody and not bound to CMS member states citizens!



Good luck, and hoping to hear from you,

yours sincerely Klaus Riede


PD Dr. Klaus Riede

Global Register of Migratory Species - www.groms.de

Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig

Adenauerallee 160

53113 Bonn

GERMANY - phone +49-(0)228-9122234

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