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Golden Eagle Relocated to WY Informs Biologists

Cara J

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Image Credit: USFWS Wildlife Services often partners with other federal agencies. Last August, when WS qualified airport wildlife biologists Ben Allen and Justin Crump captured a golden eagle that was threatening (and threatened by) aircraft operations at Denver International Airport, they knew just who to call. Brian W. Smith, CWB® and a US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) migratory bird specialist, who regularly attends WS Wildlife Hazard Committee meetings for the airport. He is studying the movements and mortality factors of golden eagles. Image Credit: USDA Wildlife Services WS regularly captures raptors as part of trap-and-relocate efforts to reduce both aircraft strikes and the need for lethal control. An eagle can do major damage to an airplane, and could even down an aircraft if ingested into an engine during takeoff. Fortunately, vigilance and action kept this bird out of harm’s way. Image Credit: USDA Wildlife Services With the sub-adult in hand, WS offered Smith the bird for tagging with a geotracking unit. This not only boosted Smith’s sample size, but also provided an opportunity to evaluate an eagle’s response to a trap-and-relocate scenario. Tagged and released on public lands near the CO/WY line, the bird has been providing great data [...]


Read more: http://wildlife.org/golden-eagle-relocated-to-wy-informs-biologists/

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