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The Wilson Ornithological Society will be offering a workshop on mentoring best practices.


Note that it will be held on Thursday afternoon, prior to the opening reception. For some, this may mean scheduling travel to arrive on Wednesday (For those in the northeastern U.S. and Quebec/Ontario, there are flights that arrive in Halifax in the morning, early enough to drive the 100 km to Wolfville and arrive by noon for the workshop, which will include lunch). 

The four-hour workshop will include:

- What is the purpose of mentoring
- How to find a mentor or mentee at all levels from high school to early career
- Frequency of meetings
- Team mentoring

Best practices
- Mentor training
- Learning effective communication skills
- Defining the relationship and expectations
- Tracking outcomes
- Celebrating successes
- How to evaluate the impacts of mentoring
- Incorporating feedback and lessons learned

The happy side of mentoring
- Personal fulfillment for mentor
- Enhanced success for mentee
- Benefits for department or program
- Benefits for ornithology

The not-so-happy side of mentoring
- Time drain
- When the relationship is not working out
- How to give the mentee an honest evaluation of the mentee's aptitude and skills
- Ethical issues and

Peer mentoring
- Training
- Support
- Oversight

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