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Birdlife List of Globally Threatened Birds(2012 update) - prelim decisions announced, final call for comments

Fern Davies

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The main period for making contributions to the 2012 Globally Threatened Bird (GTB) Update regarding status changes has now ended. Many thanks to everyone who supplied information and comments over the past few months. We have now assessed these contributions, in the light of other available information, and prepared a preliminary list of decisions affecting the 2012 IUCN Red List. This list has been posted up on the GTB Forum at:



There is now a final opportunity for comments on these proposals, prior to the final deadline of 15 February. Please submit any comments or further information via the individual species topics before this date. After this deadline, we will reassess our draft decisions in the light of any new information, and then post up our final decisions.


As before, please circulate this message as widely as possible within your networks, and encourage people to make a particular effort to contribute their information. Many thanks once again. We look forward to receiving your comments and any further information via the web forum by 15 February.


Many thanks


Andy Symes

and the Global Species Programme team




Andy Symes

Global Species Programme Officer

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