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Corella and Australian Bird Bander back issues free online

Chris Merkord

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The Australian Bird Study Association has recently (as of March 2014) made all back issues of Corella and Australian Bird Bander available online for free. This includes volumes 1 (1977) through 35 (2011) of Corella and volumes 1 (1962) through 14 (1976) of Australian Bird Bander.  Additional volumes of Corella will be posted online two years after they are published.


You can search or browse Corella articles here: http://www.absa.asn.au/index.php/back-issues-of-corella

and browse Australian Bird Bander articles here: http://www.absa.asn.au/index.php/2013-12-09-12-24-01


This is a fantastic resource and should make the journals much more accessible to researchers outside of Australia.

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The search function doesn't appear to work very well.  It limits you to 20 characters, it only searches abstracts and titles, and the search results do not link to the article. You have to back out and browse to the correct volume to get to the PDF.  Furthermore, it looks like the search function may not search Australian Bird Bander, although it does apparently search the newsletter.


If you want a more complete search of articles, including both Corella and Australian Bird Bander, I suggest instead using the 'site' search term on Google (details here).  To do this, add the term site:www.absa.asn.au/Corella/ to your search query.


For example, I was interested in searching for articles mentioning altitudinal migration.  I searched for site:www.absa.asn.au/Corella/ altitudinal (notice the space between the site search term and the 'altitudinal' search term. Using the search function on the Corella website, I only found only 2 papers with the word altitudinal. But searching on Google using the site term I found 6 papers that mention altitudinal migration or altitudinal movements, some of which I've never even seen before.  Awesome!  Let me know if you have success using this method.

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