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Scientific Program Schedule Posted

Fern Davies

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 The scientific program schedule and a pdf of the printed conference program book (http://www.birdmeetings.org/aoucossco2014/static/files/aoucossco2014-pgm-web.pdf) have been posted on the meeting web site. The scientific program schedule will be kept up-to-date through the web site before and during the meeting.

A navigable agenda has also been added: http://www.birdmeetings.org/aoucossco2014/agenda.asp.

The agenda can also be used as a personal scheduler and is available from your control panel.

To use the web scheduler

  1. Log in to your user control panel (https://www.birdmeetings.org/aoucossco2014/userlogon.asp)
  2. Click "Agenda" in the link menu.
  3. From the Agenda page, click or tap any time block to view the agenda details for that time.
  4. From the agenda details page, click or tap any event title to reveal more details about the event.
  5. To add an event or presentation to your personal schedule, click or tap the "Add this to my Schedule" button.
  6. To remove an event or presentation, click or tap the "This is in My Schedule" button.

We encourage all oral and poster presenters to check your session via the web site and confirm your presentation assignment information:

Social Media Hashtag

Please use our meeting hashtag #AOCOSC14 on Twitter, blogs and other social media posts about the meeting. This will make it possible for people to find and share all of the good science and collaborations happening this week. Follow the meeting's Twitter account at https://twitter.com/AOUCOSSCO2014.

Program Addendum

A program addendum noting changes to the printed program book will be posted on the web site and posted on message boards during the meeting. This addendum will show any cancellations, changes in presenting authors, or scientific program revisions.

Advance Submission of Oral Presentation Files

The deadline for online submission of your presentation files is Friday, 19 September at 5:00 pm.

Presenters who wish to submit their presentations in advance can email them to michellesherry@ceavco.com. Please use the subject line 2014 AOU/COS/SCO Presentation with your last name. Online submission of your presentation files via email is not required, but is strongly encouraged as presenters who send in their files via email will have a faster check in at the Presentation Room (Bilheimer/Dodge-located behind the Ruesch Auditorium). Guidelines for on-site submission and presentation review/editing are included at: http://www.birdmeetings.org/aoucossco2014/oral-guidelines.asp

The Elk in Estes Park

Late-September in Rocky Mountain National Park is renowned for the spectacle of elk bugling in the evening hours. Did you know that the town of Estes Park has its own population of elk? Watch this two-minute BBC-produced video to get some (somewhat humorous) tips on safety while viewing! http://www.youtube.com/embed/794wEIbHlDc

Make the Meeting Even Greener

We encourage you to bring your own coffee mugs and water bottles which you can easily refill on site at the meeting. Additionally, you may use the pdf program file http://www.birdmeetings.org/aoucossco2014/static/files/aoucossco2014-pgm-web.pdf

Bring your Confirmation to Registration

Registration opens at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 23 September. In order to facilitate easier check in at the meeting, please bring your registration confirmation email with you to the conference registration desk.

Introduction to R Workshop and Student Professional Social Dinner – Chances to Participate

There are still spaces available for the Introduction to R workshop (4 spaces) and space for students (i.e., not professionals; ~20 spaces) in the Student Professional Social Dinner. Spaces will be offered to participants on a first-come-first-served basis by emailing Nick Mason (nicholas.albert.mason@gmail.com). Please refer to the workshops webpage (http://www.birdmeetings.org/aoucossco2014/workshops.asp) and the student activities page (http://www.birdmeetings.org/aoucossco2014/students.asp) for more information on these events.

On behalf of the 2014 AOU-COS-SCO Joint Meeting Committee,

Lynda West, 2014 AOU-COS-SCO Joint Meeting Project Manager
sg Meeting and Marketing Services

The sponsoring societies for the 2014 Joint Meeting are the American Ornithologists’ Union, Cooper Ornithological Society, and the Society of Canadian Ornithologists / Société des Ornithologistes du Canada

Please bookmark the Web site http://www.birdmeetings.org/aoucossco2014 and check it often for updates. You may also go to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AOUCOSSCO2014 or Twitter: https://twitter.com/AOUCOSSCO2014.

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