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Optics needed for Indonesian guides

Fern Davies

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Anyone who has been or is thinking of birding Indonesia knows Nurlin Djuni, who runs Malia Tours. He is THE guide for Indonesia and he is a one-person powerhouse when it comes to bringing people into birding in Indonesia. By hiring and training locals - many of them former hunters or poachers - he is creating an in-country birding and bird conservation force. Everywhere we went, he had a small retinue of local guides and helpers, each of them at some stage of training and proficiency. Some were already at the stage of training other people. By providing employment for so many people who actually live in the area, he is creating great awareness of birds in each place.

So not surprisingly, they are lacking decent optics.

Birder's Exchange covers only Central and South America and the Caribbean and I believe that is true of Optics for the Tropics, too. In the past, I've been able to get optics to Zambia, thanks to a private donor, and a tripod to Ghana (thank you, BRUNTON!). I am hoping that some of you out there have some good quality used optics that you are ready to part with. I will handle all the expense and logistics of getting them to Nurlin. 



Ellen Paul

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