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Tricolored Blackbird: still troubled

Chris Merkord

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From the Birding Community E-bulletin, September 2014:


The situation concerning population losses for Tricolored Blackbirds in California was covered in the July E-bulletin: http://refugeassociation.org/?p=9787/#tricolored


Drought in California has exacerbated these population concerns, and California must now address a possible emergency listing of the Tricolored Blackbird on its own state endangered species list. 

Under the California Endangered Species Act, the California Fish and Game Commission can list a species when it is an imminent danger, or there is an emergency. If approved, such a species listing would apply for six months, after which time the listing could be renewed for another six months if necessary.

At its 6 August meeting, the commission decided not to take emergency action; however, the issue will almost surely come up for consideration again 

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