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New dinosaur egg with avian egg shape discovered from the Upper Cretaceous of Zhejiang Province, China

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Numerous dinosaur eggs and a clutch of turtle eggs have been recovered from the Tiantai Basin in Zhejiang Province of China. Paleontologists from Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(IVPP), and Zhejiang Museum of Natural History described a new egg from the the Upper Cretaceous Chichengshan Formation of Tiantai Basin. The new specimen is a small, asymmetrical ovoid egg with avian egg shape, but it has a typical dinosaur eggshell microstructure. A study published online in Historical Biology increases the diversity of the Tiantai dinosaur eggs oofauna and provides new materials to study the eggshell formation and evolution of the dinosaur eggs in the Cretaceous.


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