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Fern Davies

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The ornithological societies that publish your research, organize your scientific meetings and defray student travel costs, offer research grants, support the Ornithological Council, and provide you with a community of scientists with like interests are an invaluable resource that are worthy of your support. In recent years, as literature has become available online, some people have opted to drop their society memberships, overlooking all the other valuable resources that the societies provide. If enough people leave the societies, the short-term gain of a few dollars unspent on membership (some society memberships are as low as $15/year for students and early career professionals!) will eventually lead to the demise of the societies and all the services and resources they provide.


Think about it:

  • no more professional - student mentorships
  • no more research grants
  • no more journals devoted to ornithology
  • no more terrific meetings where you see the friends of decades and find research collaborators
  • no more assistance with permit and animal welfare problems
  • no more Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research
  • no more advocacy for scientific ornithology - you will be at the complete mercy of the regulatory agencies with no one to speak for you!

Most of all - no more community.


Please support your scientific societies by renewing your memberships today.


Ornithology Exchange is a benefit of membership in the scientific societies that support OE in that full access to the site is limited to members of the supporting societies, but we couldn't exist without their support. If you value OE, please help your scientific societies to support OE by renewing your membership today.


Click HERE.


And for those of you who are not society members but would like to be (and gain full access to OE), click HERE.

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