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Error message "SD card write protected"

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Hi all,


I have been using the Generation 2 RFID circuit boards for about a year now. I deployed the boards last winter/spring for data collection, brought them in from the field in late July to clean them up, make repairs and store them until this fall. When I went to deploy the circuit boards again just recently, I have been getting an error message with some boards saying "SD card is write protected" whenever I try to re-program the clock settings, id and on/off schedule. After receiving the error message, it flashes a message saying "began logging data on 01/01/01 00:00:00" and no data is recorded on the cards.  


I have checked that the "switch" on the side of the cards is not in the lock position, and have tried with both old and new (never used) SD cards (from Mouser Electronics, INC) and get the same error message. The cards have also been cleared of any data files previously stored on them. The only thing that has changed from last winter is that the readers have been inactive for a few months. Batteries are fully charged.  


I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences? Would this be a card problem or a circuit board problem? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. 




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The first possibility that comes to mind is a bad connection between the sd card socket and the circuit board. But that would not explain the odd date you are getting (did it really say jan 01, or was the clock not yet set?). If you get an SD card error then you will not get any logging activity. I would first try going over all the connections on the SD card socket with a soldering iron (remelt all solder and look out for bridges). That failing, I would try reprogramming the reader with the boot loader. 


After that there comes the decision to do further troubleshooting or just toss the board out. 

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