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U.S. government shutdown: what does this mean for permits?

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If your research entails a need for U.S. federal permits, here is what the government shutdown means for you:


1. No new applications will be processed.

2. No applications for amendments will be processed.

3. No applications for renewal will be processed BUT NOTE:


4. Migratory Bird Treaty Act permits, including banding permits,  Bald and Golden Eagle Permits, and ESA permits:


a) If you have a pending renewal application that was submitted at least 30 days prior to the expiration date:


By regulation:


50 CFR 13.22©

c) Continuation of permitted activity. Any person holding a valid, renewable permit may continue the activities authorized by the expired permit until the Service acts on the application for renewal if all of the following conditions are met:(1) The permit is currently in force and not suspended or revoked;(2) The person has complied with this section; and(3) The permit is not a CITES document that was issued under part 23 of this subchapter (because the CITES document is void upon expiration).



You can not add any new activities. You may only continue those activities that are covered by the permit.


b) If your permit expires within the next 30 days or shortly thereafter, go ahead and submit a renewal application. As long as you submitted it at least 30 days prior to expiration, you will be able to continue the permitted activities. It doesn't matter that there will be no one there to process it. The mere act of submitting it (at least 30 days in advance) triggers this provision.


HINT: Get a certificate of mailing as proof of the date of submission.


Many agency websites are already shut-down or will be shut-down.


For questions or further information, contact the Ornithological Council by e-mail to ellen.paul@verizon.net

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