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The Great migration of Amur Falcon

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Amur Falcon. The Morung Express
One of the most mysterious passage migrants of India is the beautiful Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis). This falcon breeds in Northern China and South eastern Siberia and spends all summer there. It undertakes a migration journey from this region all the way to Southern Africa where they spend the winter and then undertake the journey back home.


Bernd Meyburg and his team has presented the first ever satellite tracking data for Amur Falcons at two conferences, one in the East (Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network conference, Mongolia) and one in South Africa (Birds of Prey Programme Conference, Kimberley). The information gathered on 7 tracked Amur falcons most probably represents the most exciting satellite tracking data from raptors since the first long distance raptor migrants were tracked.


Read more: http://www.morungexpress.com/Perspective/102774.html

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