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A Message from the Waterbird Society President

Chris Custer

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August 2013

Hello members of the Waterbird Society,

Within a few weeks we’ll be meeting in Wilhelmshaven Germany for scientific sessions, networking and conversation. I’m writing to share my views on the status of the Waterbird Society, and to direct your attention to draft reports from our officers and committee chairs that detail activities during the past year and outline objectives for 2013-2014. These are posted on the Waterbird Society website (www.waterbirds.org) and at our membership forum on Ornithology Exchange (http://ornithologyexchange.org/forums/).

An assessment of our work over the past year shows us to be an active, healthy, and forward-looking society of waterbird scientists and conservationists. In 2012, the Society conducted its annual general and business meetings in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of the North American Ornithological Conference. Over the past twelve months, we produced four issues of Waterbirds and transitioned to the leadership of a new editor. We provided financial assistance to students attending our meeting and to early career scientists through our Kushlan and Nisbet Awards. Electronic voting was introduced during 2013; all members are urged to cast your ballots by 22 September. Finally, we are pleased to report that sound management of the Society’s finances has positioned us to institute a special grants program in 2014.

The Society remains strong financially and focused on executing our mission through engaging scientific meetings, our high quality journal, and by fostering waterbird science in students and internationally. As business models for professional societies continue to shift in response to electronic publishing, the leadership of the Society will monitor trends in membership, manuscript submission rates, and meeting attendance to maximize the impact of our organization.

I invite you to peruse the Society’s reports which attest to our sound financial status, the reach of our journal, and our commitment to mentoring students. These reports and our plans for 2014 will be finalized at the upcoming meeting in Germany.

In Wilhelmshaven, you’ll find that our Local and Scientific Program Committees have planned a vibrant agenda for our annual meeting that will be held in conjunction with the International Wader Study Group. The scientific program includes six distinguished plenary speakers, six symposia and numerous sessions. Field trips to the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site are planned. Participants from more than twenty countries are registered to take part in the joint meeting.

Looking ahead to 2014, please plan to join your colleagues 5-8 November in La Paz, Mexico for the 38th meeting of the Waterbird Society.

Warm regards,

Katharine C. Parsons, President

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