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Ethnoornithology at the 9th European Ornithologists' Union conference

Chris Merkord

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An introduction to the first session at a major European scientific conference dedicated to ethnoornithology – the study of the relationships between people and birds.


Later today I’ll be on the train from London in the UK up to Norwich where Dr Andrew Gosler and I will co-chair a session on ethnoornithology at the 9th Conference of the European Ornithologists’ Union at the University of East Anglia at Norwich, UK for the rest of the week.


The conference will cover the full range of ornithological research, including both basic and applied aspects.


The programme will be composed of plenaries, symposia, contributed oral and poster sessions, as well as, Round Table discussions.


I look forward to bring further information from this session in the next few days, particularly on Twitter – the conference hashtag is #EOU2013UK. Other useful hashtags for the conference – from my perspective at least – are #ethnobiology, #ethnoornithology and useful links include @IBIS_journal and @_BTO.


I’ll also use the Ethnobiology and Ethnoornithology sites on Facebook to discuss the conference proceedings.

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