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Toronto's justice league for birds: making windows safer one building at a time

Chris Merkord

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Photo: Sara Scharf/FLAP Canada
In 1989, Michael Mesure was running a gallery two hours north of Toronto when a friend told him he had read that birds were colliding with buildings in the city. The two of them drove downtown at 4 a.m. to see for themselves. “I stepped out of the car and there were birds all over the sidewalk,” Mesure recalled. “I disappeared into the night, leaving my friend in the dust. I was shocked that something like this could be happening and nobody knew about it.”


Dr. Daniel Klem, a Professor of Ornithology at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, has been trying to draw attention to this problem since the 1970s. He said it is “insidious beyond description” because window strikes are indiscriminate, killing both the weak and the strong. “No population can afford to lose its fittest members, its breeders.”


Read more: http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/big-story/in-toronto-its-capitalism-vs-the-birds/599

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