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BBS Web Entry Site restored

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At this time, the BBS Data Entry web site is functioning and available for use (www.pwrc.usgs.gov/bbs/dataentry/).  If you have been holding onto your data, you may now enter it on line.  Thank you again for your patience! 


The BBS public data retrieval site continues to function at half capacity; data can be retrieved via the FTP site, but the Online Retrieval System which allows customized data requests is under repair.  We hope to have full functionality of the data retrieval site, accessible via the Raw Data link, restored by the end of the week.


So why has the BBS web site been down so long?  The Patuxent Wildlife Research Center public web server was attacked by hackers; this is attempted on government servers regularly, and sooner or later it is inevitable that they succeed.  We were unlucky.  The Department of Interior and USGS have strict rules about handling security, minimizing risk, and investigating issues; our server was quarantined!  Thus the delays in getting it back online.  But because of these policies, all of our long-term databases are secure; there was no loss other than the loss of time and ability for you to access and enter your data - and for that we apologize.


Thank you, one more time, for your patience and understanding.




Keith Pardieck

Coordinator, NABBS

USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

Laurel, MD

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