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  • The Ornithology Exchange introduces its new Funding Portal

    Chris Merkord
    • The Ornithology Exchange proud to announce a new Funding Portal which aims to help ornithologists find ways to fund their research. The portal features our brand new Grants & Awards database, recent announcements like RFPs and deadline reminders, a discussion forum where you can ask for help, and a list of links to other online resources.

    One thing graduate students, post-docs, and professionals in ornithology have in common is our fascination with birds. For many of us ornithology is both a profession and a pursuit of happiness.


    Another thing we have in common is a need for research funding.


    There are hundreds of grant opportunities available, but finding them can be challenging. Then the application process itself can be daunting. The Ornithology Exchange is here to help! We are proud to announce a new Funding Portal on the Ornithology Exchange which aims to help aspiring ornithologists to find ways to fund their research.


    The Funding Portal, which can be found by clicking the Funding tab or following this link: http://ornithologyexchange.org/funding.html, has four great features:

    1. Our brand new Grants & Awards database. The portal displays a list of the a most-viewed grants and awards in the database. You can also navigate to the database to browse or search over 200 additional grant opportunities, scholarships, fellowships, awards, prizes, etc. Many are limited to bird research, while others are not. Quickly filter the list based on your needs. For example, if you are a Ph.D. student looking to fund your research, filter the list by clicking "PhD students" under the Eligible Applications heading and "Research" under the Purpose heading. Additional filter fields include Location and Application Deadline. You can click each opportunity to view details including a link to the granting organization's website. One of the coolest features about this database, unlike any print or online attempts that have been made in the past, is the ability for any of our members to add new grant opportunities or edit existing ones. No more emailing a web person to complain that the link to your organization's grant page is broken. You can simply edit it yourself. Of course edits and additions are monitored by our team of moderators. If you like this new Grants & Awards database, be sure to thank @Melanie Colón, Chair of the Cooper Ornithological Society's Student Activities Committee, for developing it.
    2. Recent announcements including requests for proposals, requests for applications, calls for submissions, deadline reminders, and announcements about newly established awards funds. These announcements are pulled from our Grants & Awards Announcements forum, which anyone can post in.
    3. Discussions posted in our members-only Funding Discussions forum. This is a great place to ask questions about the application process, tips on writing a successful application, etc. The forum is moderated by experienced ornithologists, early professionals, and graduate students to provide a wide range of expertise. The forum is also open to any other discussions related to funding. You need to be a member of a partner society to use this forum.
    4. Links to other resources including grant writing advice and other places to look for grants. One thing we should mention... anybody can submit a link to be included here. These links are pulled from the Funding Links category in our Links database. If you would like to add another link, or edit one of the existing ones, just sign in and do it!

    We hope you enjoy this new resource on the Ornithology Exchange. If you're not a member of the site, it's free to join. The site is a collaboration of a dozen ornithological societies. In order to encourage membership in professional societies, some parts of the site, like the discussion forum, require membership in of our partner societies.


    Please consider joining one of the partner societies. Without your support, they can't support ornithology exchange and the many other valuable services they provide, including journals, meetings, grants and awards, student support, the Ornithological Council, and more.

    The Ornithology Exchange was created by people like you, for the benefit and enjoyment of all of us. If you like what we do, consider getting involved. We need people to write articles and blog posts, moderate forums, and manage databases. Maybe you have your own idea about what you want to see on this site. Let us know! We welcome any questions or suggestions. You can email one of us or use one of the many other ways of contacting us.


    Chris Merkord, Administrator chris@merkord.com

    Ellen Paul, Administrator ellen.paul@verizon.net

    Melanie Colon, Moderator melaniec@neo.tamu.edu

    The Ornithology Exchange


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