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Books on avian migration, nomadism, and other movements.

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Stopover Biology of Migratory Songbirds

By Frank Moore
May 2016

Studies in Bird Migration

Volume 1
By William Eagle Clarke
Jan 1912 Having trained as a civil engineer and surveyor, the ornithologist William Eagle Clarke (1853–193...

Studies in Bird Migration

Volume 2
By William Eagle Clarke
Jan 1912 Having trained as a civil engineer and surveyor, the ornithologist William Eagle Clarke (1853–193...

Phenological Synchrony and Bird Migration

Changing Climate and Seasonal Resources in Nort...
By Eric M. Wood, Jherime L. Ke...
Jan 2015 Presents an in-depth study of North American bird migrationIllustrates the important link between...

Passerine Migration

Stopovers and Flight
By Nikita Chernetsov
Apr 2012 This monograph is the first attempt to summarize and critically review the vast literature on sto...

Hawk Highway in the Sky

Watching Raptor Migration
By Caroline Arnold, Robert Kru...
Jan 1997 Provides information about hawks, eagles, and falcons and efforts to study them, especially the H...

Birds of Two Worlds

The Ecology and Evolution of Migration
By Greenberg, Russell; Marra,...
Jan 2005 For centuries biologists have tried to understand the underpinnings of avian migration: where bir...

The Ecology of Migrant Birds

A Neotropical Perspective
By Rappole, John H.
Nov 1995 Incorporating new information on migratory birds, most gathered within the past decade, this comp...

Animal Movement Across Scales

By Lars-Anders Hansson; Susann...
Sep 2014 Adopts a broad, cross-taxonomic approach to animal movement across both temporal and spatial scal...


The Biology of Life on the Move
Second Edition
By Dingle, Hugh
Jul 2014 Migration, broadly defined as directional movement to take advantage of spatially distributed res...

No Way Home

The Decline of the World's Great Animal Mig...
By Wilcove, David S.
Oct 2007 Animal migration is a magnificent sight: a mile-long blanket of cranes rising from a Nebraska riv...

The Homing Instinct

Meaning and Mystery in Animal Migration
By Bernd Heinrich
Apr 2014 A captivating exploration of the homing instinct in animals, and what it means for human happines...

Migration Hotspots

The World's Best Bird Migration Sites
By Tim Harris
Aug 2013 Each spring and autumn hundreds of millions of birds - wildfowl, shorebirds, raptors, and passeri...

Bird Migration

A General Survey
First Edition
By Berthold, Peter
Jan 1993 This accessible introduction to the science of bird migration--the only such book currently avail...

Bird Migration

A General Survey
Second edition
By Berthold, Peter
Jul 2001 Update of the only concise book available at this level.Both tells what birds do and describes th...