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  1. Hello, Does anyone have any automated recording units I could borrow to use as part of my dissertation work August-October 2016? I've used them before, but we don't have any or the funding to buy them. aurielfournier@gmail.com
  2. same here, this piece really stopped me in my tracks. https://t.co/Ur9eX8kzL4

  3. One of my friends mom's is in town and is making us all fried chicken tonight. So excited, plus meeting people parents is always fun :)

  4. RT @ducanada: Do you think about #wetlands when you're #fishing? FYI: they are essential to fish for breeding, water quality & more http://…

  5. RT @Cataranea: I made this map as a handy resource for #notabrownrecluse. Too much? (feedback appreciated!) http://t.co/jFOFZ3Twnd

  6. RT @michaeljkoontz: I wish ensure() were a native function. Load a library, install first if needed. @quominus @RallidaeRule #rstats https:…

  7. RT @noamross: Help the #rstats be community more diverse + inclusive! Sign a letter supporting anti-harassment policy at R events: https://…

  8. RT @octonion: The "Mad Max: Fury Road" soundtrack is excellent for coding, incidentally.

  9. second - I had a stressed related half hour of being a emotional crying person today.and that is OK, because there is crying in science!

  10. my husband got me a massage because he said I was too stressed sounding over the phoneI am so anxious, I've never had a massage before

  11. RT @MyFrogCroaked: After last tree is cut, last fish caught, last river poisoned, then we learn cant eat $ #WorldEnvironmentDay #WED2015 ht…

  12. still accepting applications to be my technician this fall and catch/survey for rails! https://t.co/zwHk53sXEI#MORails

  13. RT @neiltyson: For Algebra Geeks: If the thickness of a pizza is A, and its radius is Z, and pi is just PI, then its volume is V = PIZZA.

  14. RT @kara_woo: Do you care about making #rstats events inclusive and safe? Weigh in on our call for anti-harassment policies: https://t.co/M…