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    Sort Title: BirdWatching
    Title Abbreviation: BirdWatching
    Publishing Organization: Kalmbach Publishing Co.
    Journal Website: http://www.birdwatchingdaily.com
    Online Access: No online access
    Language: English
    Geographic Scope: National
    , United States,
    Type: Magazine
    Status: Active
    Start Year: 2011
    Frequency: Six times per year
    Preceding Title: Birder's World
    ISSN: 2158-3838
    LCCN: 2010202599

Beautiful, bi-monthly BirdWatching magazine (formerly Birder's World) appeals to every bird enthusiast — from backyard birdwatcher to serious birder. Subscribers receive helpful hints for attracting and feeding birds, handy identification tips, photography pointers, info about where to find birds, superb color photography, and much more!

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