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    Subtitle: Pohjois-Pohjanmaan lintutieteellisen yhdistys ry
    Sort Title: Aureola
    Title Abbreviation: Aureola
    Society's Journal Web Page: http://www.pply.fi/index.php/aureola
    Online Access: Unknown
    Language: Finnish
    Language for Abstracts:
    Geographic Scope: Sub-national
    , Finland,
    Type: Journal
    Status: Active
    Start Year: 1976
    Frequency: Once per year
    Preceding Title:
    Succeeding Title:
    ISSN: 0356-3170
    OCLC Number: 250522329, 478408059, 183412142
    Indexed By:

The journal of the Pohjois-Pohjanmaan lintutieteellisen yhdistys ry (Northern Ostrobothnia Ornithological Association). It is sent annually to all members. The journal publishes an annual review of bird observations, trip reports, analytical articles, big day reports, rarity reports, and more. Articles are in Finnish, sometimes with English summaries.

From 1976 to 1997 it was published four times per year. Since 1998 it is published once per year.

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