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Bird Language

Chris Merkord
  • How to Interpret the Behaviors and Patterns of Nature 8Shields 2014 http://8shields.com/online-store/original-dvds/bird-language-dvds/

    2 discs, runtime: 124 min, NTSC

    DVD | region 0


    Village Video Productions, LLC

    Bird Language with Jon Young

    Produced and edited by Calen Kennett

    Animation by Athena M Wollin

    Music by Josh Lane


    English 01/01/2014 884501652803 No value No value

Would you like to be able to recognize the signs of an approaching jogger two minutes before their arrival?


Join expert tracker and nature mentor Jon Young in this two-disc journey examining the language of birds. This set will give you the tools you need to see the landscape through the eyes of the birds, and bringing you to a more intimate relationship with the world unfolding outside your door.


Jon Young distills 35 years field knowledge of bird behaviors to bring you the basics of Bird Language. Learning to recognize the meanings of vocalization types and body signals of common birds, you will clearly see the essential role they play in the lives of the birds.


Disc 1 – Bird Language Basics:

Through animations, nature footage and Jon Young’s compelling narration, you will learn the basic tools necessary to begin deciphering the language hidden in the vocalizations and behaviors of common song birds. In Bird Language Basics we will examine the 5 Voices of the Birds, the 12 Shapes of Alarm, and the five “Best” Bird Language Birds. You will never look at a song bird the same way again! The animations in Disc One highlight big-picture patterns of bird language that allow you to step into the world of birds and animals unfolding beyond the boundaries of our awareness. Like the Kalahari Bushmen of Africa, people in both cities and rural areas can use knowledge of bird language as a dynamic indicator of predator-prey relationships. This second edition includes expanded footage of the Five Voices in action.


Bonus Disc 2 – Bird Language Groups:

With decades of teaching Bird Language, Jon Young has distilled the process down to a fun and efficient Bird Language Group learning model. Follow five experts in Bird Language Groups, as they conduct their own bird sit, mapping session and debrief, and explain the conduct, conventions and systems necessary to run a Bird Language group in your neighborhood. In this disc, you will become acquainted with mentoring methods for teaching bird language developed by Jon and other instructors at the Wilderness Awareness School and the 8 Shields Institute. This method of group bird sits and bird language mapping is demonstrated in a way that enhances the experience of both the beginning and experienced naturalist.

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