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The Snowy Owl

Chris Merkord
  • Eugene Potapov, Richard Sale T. & A. D. Poyser 2013 London United Kingdom http://www.bloomsbury.com/us/the-snowy-owl-9780713688177/ English , Nearctic, Palearctic, , Owls (Strigidae), Poyser Monographs 03/17/2013 0713688173 9780713688177 No value No value

About The Snowy Owl


The Snowy Owl - possibly the world's sexiest bird - needs little introduction. This massive white owl breeds throughout the Arctic, wherever there are voles or lemmings to hunt, from Scandinavia through northern Russia to Canada and Greenland. Southerly movements in winter see North American birds travel as far south as the northern United States, while infrequent vagrants on the Shetlands and other northern isles are a magnet for birders.


The Snowy Owl gives this popular bird the full Poyser treatment, with sections looking at morphology, distribution, palaeontology and evolution, habitat, breeding, diet, population dynamics, movements, interspecific relationships and conservation, supported by some fabulous photography and the art of Jackie Garner. A major strength is the availability to the authors of Russian literature, which is generally out of reach for Western scientists.


Table Of Contents


List of figures

List of tables


  1. What makes a Snowy Owl?
  2. Distribution
  3. Palaentology, systematics and evolution
  4. Winter and summer habitats
  5. Breeding
  6. Timing and hatching
  7. Diet
  8. Numbers and population density
  9. Winter range and winter records
  10. Snowy Owl friends and foes
  11. Snowy Owls and people




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