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Guide to Identification & Ageing of Holarctic Waders

Chris Merkord
  • A. J. Prater, J. H. Marchant & J. Vuorinen British Trust for Ornithology 1983 London United Kingdom http://www.bto.org/volunteer-surveys/ringing/publications/guide-identification-and-ageing-holarctic-waders-prater-marchant-and-vuori

    Reprint. Originally published in 1977. No ISBN?

    English , Nearctic, Palearctic, , Tinamous (Tinamidae), BTO Guides 17 01/01/1983 No value No value

This book provides ageing and sexing criteria for waders found in Eurasia (apart from Southeast Asia and India), North Africa, and North America. The guide covers each species separately, and provides information on the geographic distribution, identification, ageing and sexing, and key biometrics of each species. Drawings and figures are labelled clearly to further clarify the description of plumage and other characteristics found in the text, and photos of selected species are also included to illustrate age-related plumage variation.


The first part of the book includes a brief description and illustration of the topography of a bird and different types of feathers, which are illustrated with a series of helpful drawings to aid classification and identification in the hand. A section in the first chapter also covers the correct way to take key measurements on waders, such as toe, claw, tarsus and bill lengths, with the help of clearly labelled illustrations. There is also a description of moult strategy, and general ways to age and sex waders.


This book is an essential addition to those ringers that handle waders, as well as being invaluable to wader watchers. The guide is small enough to fit in a ringing box or bag, but very clear and comprehensive in its content.

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