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Sappi Birds of South Africa

Chris Merkord
  • Saartjie Kidson, Herman van Niekerk Briza Publications 2014 http://www.brizabirdguide.co.za/

    Extent: 320 pages

    Format: 168 x 240mm

    English , Afrotropic, , South Africa, No value 07/18/2014 9781920217334 No value

A new field guide that changes the face of bird watching in South Africa. The field guide features: interesting text that does not merely describe what can be seen in the photographs, but also offers a wealth of extraordinary facts. new updated distribution maps. informative icons: species can quickly be compared with the help of icons illustrating normal habitat, nest position, relative size and social behaviour. more than 800 quality full colour photographs by renowned photographers. efficient grouping: bird species are grouped together according to four behaviour groups: Waterbirds, Raptors, Veld Landscape and Bush Landscape birds. Grouping is then further broken down into the birds' external shapes ensuring that similar looking birds are close to each other thus assisting in comparing different species. A bilingual index of all the birds listed by their common group names in English and Afrikaans, plus scientific name index. Experience the next level of birding - Sappi's all in one guide allows bird calls to be heard from the pages of a field guide -Icons in the book can be read by a Callfinder device that plays back the bird songs of each bird in the the SAPPI BIRDS field guide. The 'Callfinder' is not included in the book but may be purchased separately and will work with this book and with other future Briza natural history books.


Saartjie Kidson and Herman van Niekerk, the authors, in 2003 discovered a shortcoming in local bird guides and immediately started to work on a new series of innovative bird guides. Their knowledge, love of nature and involvement in bird watching and nature conservation ideally equipped them for such a comprehensive project. Two popular regional bird guides, Spotter’s guide to birds of the Bushveld and Spotter’s guide to birds of the Lowveld, were completed with accompanying, value-adding DVD’s and a bird call CD. Then the giant step was taken to produce a national bird guide based on the same concept. Advanced technology, however, now made it possible to replace the separate DVD’s with the Callfinder® greatly enhancing the accessibility of bird calls. A first for South Africa.


The authors are convinced that bird watching in South Africa will henceforth change substantially and that an entire new generation of young, technologically minded people will become dedicated bird watchers.

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