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Owls of the World

Chris Merkord
  • A Photographic Guide Heimo Mikkola Firefly Books 2012 Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada English , Global, , Barn Owls (Tytonidae), Owls (Strigidae), 07/26/2012 1770851364 9781408130285 No value No value

A complete guide to identifying the world's owls.


Photographers spend hours waiting to capture them and birders seek them out with determination, but owls have been tough to identify--until now.


Owls of the World is the ultimate resource dedicated to the identification of these charismatic birds of prey. Dozens of the world's finest photographers have contributed 750 spectacular photographs covering all of the world's 249 species of owls.


The photos are accompanied by detailed text describing:

  • Identification notes
  • Habitat
  • Population status
  • Voice
  • Food
  • Distribution
  • Accurate range maps
  • Similar species.

Owls are shown as adults from a perspective that clearly shows markings which assist in identification. Photographs of similar-looking species are included where identification is particularly difficult.


For photographers, birders, naturalists, researchers and any fan of these birds, Owls of the World is the definitive work on species identification. It is also a comprehensive encyclopedia for reference and leisure reading. No bookshelf should be without it.

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