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Chris Merkord
  • Their World, Their Ways de Roy, Tui; Jones, Mark; Fritter, Julian Firefly Books 2008

    Hardcover: 240 pages

    Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 11.7 inches

    Shipping Weight: 6.8 pounds


    There appear to have been two hardcover editions, one from Firefly in the US and one from Christopher Helm in the UK. Cover image and ISBNs are from the US version.

    English , Global, , Albatrosses (Diomedeidae), 09/12/2008 1554074150 9781554074150 No value No value

The magic and misfortune of the world's greatest migrating bird.


Albatross are best known for their enormous wingspan and global migrations. They are also the subject of intense scientific scrutiny. Recent DNA studies have revealed that there may not be just 13, but 21 to 25 albatross species. With all but two of them endangered, the albatross may disappear just as we are discovering more about it.


Tui De Roy and Mark Jones set out in a 43-foot sailboat to cross the world's oceans in search of the albatross. They weathered storms, finally arriving to camp on barren landfalls, where they studied and photographed these fascinating birds. Albatross features the very best writing and research on these extraordinary creatures. The book includes a breathtaking photographic portfolio, a series of essays by leading experts, and a natural history section with detailed information on each species.


Along with commentary on the authors' adventures, topics include:

  • Size and population distribution
  • Biology and recent DNA discoveries
  • Food and reproduction
  • Breeding sites and courtship behavior
  • Albatross in exploration, exploitation, myth and legend
  • Migratory routes and the mysteries of migration
  • Conservation threats and status.

Albatross is an impassioned, authoritative and richly illustrated study of a magnificent creature.

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