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The Birds of Sussex

Chris Merkord
  • Sussex Ornithological Society British Trust for Ornithology 2014 United Kingdom English , Palearctic, , United Kingdom, 01/31/2014 190858131X 9781908581310 No value No value

The Birds of Sussex is a once in a generation book by the Sussex Ornithological Society, written by some of the top authors and experts in the county. It describes the status and changing fortunes of all 397 species on the Sussex List. The SOS’s database of over two million records plus four years of Atlas field work underpins this compelling book.

Authoritative and informative, the book reveals

  • What birds are found where
  • Why they are there
  • ‘Winners and losers’ - those birds doing well and those in trouble
  • What the threats and outlook are for each species

The book

  • Is over 600 pages long and in full colour
  • Has hundreds of photos of nearly 300 species, all taken in Sussex (it is worth buying for the stunning photos alone)
  • Has informative charts and tables, and interprets key Atlas tetrad maps
  • Besides species accounts, has chapters on habitats, climate, bird ringing and the overall state of birds in Sussex

The book is authoritative and informative. However, it does not overload you with data – its Editor, Adrian Thomas, has worked hard to make sure that it remains a good read throughout.

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