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Ecology and Monitoring of Birds from the Plain Forest-Tundra of the Northern Coast of the Sea of Okhotsk

Chris Merkord
  • by the Example of Landscapes of the Kava River Basin Krechmar, Arsenii Vasil'evich Dal'nauka 2014 Vladivostok Russian Federation

    Original title in Russian: Ekologiia i Monitoring Ptits Priokhotskoi Ravninnoi Lesotundry na Primere Landshaftov Basseina Reki Kava

    284 pages

    Russian , Palearctic, , Russian Federation, No value No value 9785804414505 No value

Since 1991 the author regularly conducted field research in the area of ornithological field base located in a typical lowland wood tundra at the right-bank tributary of the Kava River, about 50 km from the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk and 200 km to the west of Magadan. The main objective of this research was to study the long-term ecology and water­fowl populations, but along the way by collecting information on the biology of the other bird species. As a result, the materials were collected by terms of migration, breeding biology and ecology for many birds representing 12 orders, that live in the wood tundra, as well as been noted by a number of changes in the number of bird species in 15-20 years. Generalization in the same work of all the data collected by the author on the birds of this unique area for more than 20 years is the aim of this publication. The book may be interested for ornithologists and zoogeographers interested in distribution and ecology of northern birds and birdwatchers who regularly visiting the northern Okhotsk Sea coast within recent years.

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