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Breeding birds of the Sheffield area including the north-east Peak District

Chris Merkord
  • David Wood, Richard Hill Sheffield Bird Study Group 2014 United Kingdom http://www.sbsg.org/publications-and-sales/avifauna English , Palearctic, , United Kingdom, 01/01/2014 0907575382 9780907575382 No value No value

The genesis of this second Breeding Atlas was an initially casual conversation between David Wood and Richard Hill, but which ended with a plan to produce a follow-up to the seminal "Birds of The Sheffield Area, including the north-east Peak District". Now, 29 years on from the first Atlas, we have the stunning publication pictured left.


As its name suggests, it is a breeding atlas rather than a complete study of all species recorded during the 2003-2008 research study. The scale of the larger task would have been prohibitive, and it was decided that the breeding survey should clearly take precedence as a conservation tool.


The data collection was carried out entirely by volunteer recorders, the data analysis and mapping by the ever-resourceful David Williams, the text by a team of local amateur ornithologists and the awesome colour photographs and figures by the extraordinarily talented Richard Dale Dale, Paul Leonard and Ray Scally. The editing was done by .... the inexhaustible and above-mentioned editors David and Richard.


In addition to the 263 pages of species accounts, photos and distribution maps, the volume includes an Introduction by the eminent Professor Tim Birkhead, and chapters on :

  • Sheffield area bird communities
  • Land use and the impact of habitat changes on its birds
  • Analysis of the current weather trends and the effects of climate change on Sheffield's birds
  • A summary of the changing nature of our breeding birds and what the future may hold
  • A full checklist of birds recorded in the recording area of the Sheffield Bird Study Group

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