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Birds of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Chris Merkord
  • Status, Abundance, and Conservation Daphne Gemmill BirdsCaribbean 2015 http://www.bigpockets.com/catalog/birds-of-vieques-island-puerto-rico-status-abundance-and-conservation

    252 pages

    English , Neotropic, , Puerto Rico, No value 01/01/2015 0982105711 9780982105719 No value

A Special Issue of The Journal of Caribbean Ornithology, BirdsCaribbean; Charlottesville, VA: Scholarly & Specialized Publishing.


A must-read for birders visiting this lovely, unspoiled island or those interested in Caribbean ornithology. The author, who is the founder of BigPockets, describes the 174 documented wild bird species on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico–the birds’ status, abundance, habitat preference, and their conservation threats. She summarizes the geography, geology, climate, plant communities, avian habitats, and the island’s political, cultural, and ornithological histories. A discussion of the paleornithological record is followed by a discussion of zoogeography, breeding birds, migrants, introduced species, and conservational status. Pertinent information related to status, abundance, breeding records, arrival and departure dates, museum specimen locations, banding records, and conservation status is then provided in Species Accounts.

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