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Birds of the Curonian Spit

Chris Merkord
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The Spit is a long, narrow peninsula between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon in Lithuania, 100 km long and only 0,4 to 3,5 km wide. It is one of the best migrant bird high-ways in Northern Europe but due to Soviet occupation until 1991 it is poorly known abroad.


This is the first English language birding guide to this area, and fills a gap by providing valuable information on numbers of migrants, breeding species, abundance and migration times of the birds met on the Spit. It is not only a book of records, but serves as a birder's or nature lover's guide to the Spit as well, containing many photographs taken in the area. Also included are a number of maps to help find locations of valuable bird areas or places from which to observe migrating birds. Suggestions are given for the best birding excursions for each season, with statistics against which birders may compare and evaluate their own records. A full list of bird species recorded up to the year 2011 with information about their appearance and status, numbers, and top migrations is included. The book also reminds its readers of the importance of protecting this unique coastal area, which recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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