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An Atlas of the Birds of NSW & the ACT

Chris Merkord
  • Volume 1 Emu to Plains-wanderer Richard Cooper, Ian McAllan, Brian Curtis New South Wales Bird Atlassers Inc. 2014 Australia http://www.publish.csiro.au/pid/7476.htm

    Colour photographs

    720 pages


    More information: http://www.nswbirdatlassers.com/altas-nswbirds-vol1.html

    English , Australasian, , Australia, No value 06/01/2014 9780957704732 No value

This Atlas provides a comprehensive inventory and distributional analysis of the birds of NSW, the ACT and the waters of the western Tasman Sea. The New South Wales Bird Atlassers Inc. (NSWBA) was formed in late 1981 and its principal aims are to determine the distribution of birds in NSW, monitor their status on a continuing basis and promote better public awareness and understanding of birds. In an exceptional and entirely voluntary expression of concern for the welfare of birds of NSW and the ACT, a great many people willingly and enthusiastically participated in this project, gathering the essential data of many millions of records.


This publication is the first of three volumes. Volume 1 presents information on the 183 species resident and migrant birds from the Emu to the Plains-wanderer. Later volumes will cover all remaining species. Details for each bird include current distribution, breeding distribution, seasonal and historical range changes and current status.


The findings presented are a baseline against which future changes and the effectiveness of conservation measures can be evaluated and they confirm the need to continue the work of the NSWBA.

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