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Extinct Birds of New Zealand

Chris Merkord
  • Alan Tennyson Paul Martinson Te Papa Press 2006 New Zealand http://www.tepapa.govt.nz/TePapaPress/FullCatalogue/NaturalHistory/Pages/ExtinctBirdsofNZ.aspx

    This title is now out of print.


    Extent:140 pp

    Illustrations: More than 60 full-colour and black-and-white

    Format: 280mm x 230mm

    English , Australasian, , New Zealand, 11/01/2006 9780909010218 No value No value

In New Zealand’s lush rainforests, isolated from the outside world for 80 million years, many extraordinary birds evolved. They included the giant moa, the beautiful huia, and the largest eagle the earth has ever seen. Within a few hundred years, human settlement extinguished 58 species – over a quarter of the total number.


For the first time ever, this book brings all these lost birds to life. In rich colour, celebrated painter Paul Martinson depicts each bird in its original habitat. Te Papa palaeontologist Alan Tennyson provides detailed information on the birds as well as a compelling overview of their tragic extinction.


This book is essential reading for experts, students, and anyone interested in this country’s natural history.

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