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Threatened Birds of Uttarakhand

Chris Merkord
  • Asad R. Rahmani, Dhananjai Mohan OUP India 2014 India http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199451340.do

    204 pages | 66 colour photographs & 46 maps | 215x145mm

    English , Indo-Malay, , India, No value 07/03/2014 9780199451340 No value

  • Identifies threatened and near threatened bird species in Uttarakhand.
  • Recommends measures for long-term protection.
  • Authors are eminent ornithologists.
  • Close to 66 colour photographs and 46 maps.

Identification, protection, and monitoring of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) is a major global conservation programme initiated by BirdLife International, and recognized and appreciated by many governments, NGOs, and conservationists. This book is an extension of the BNHS's IBA programme to identify the threatened and near threatened bird species in Uttarakhand and to recommend measures for their long-term protection. Covering Critically Endangered (like Himalayan quail or mountain quail, White-backed or Oriental White-rumped Vulture, etc.), Endangered (Egyptian Vulture and Black-bellied Tern), malayan Quail or mountain Quail, pink-headed duck, white-bellied Heron, etc., Endangered Vulnerable (Western Tragopan, Marbled Duck, Sarus Crane, etc.), and Near Threatened (Ferruginous Duck, Painted Stork, Great Hornbill, etc.) species, this volume will help in expanding the scope of conservation in India beyond tiger conservation to make it more inclusive.

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