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Phenological Synchrony and Bird Migration

Chris Merkord
  • Changing Climate and Seasonal Resources in North America Eric M. Wood, Jherime L. Kellermann CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group 2015 Boca Raton, Florida United States https://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9781482240306

    246 Pages - 8 Color & 53 B/W Illustrations

    English , Nearctic, , Canada, United States, Studies in Avian Biology 47 01/15/2015 9781482240306 No value 01/15/2015

  • Presents an in-depth study of North American bird migration
  • Illustrates the important link between climate change, resource availability, and bird migration
  • Provides contributions from a team of researchers actively involved in baseline research
  • Integrates geographical studies, life history studies, and ecosystem patterns of timing
  • Serves as a springboard for further inquiry and research in this area

Bird migration is a well-researched phenological event. However, few studies in North America have investigated the effects of climate change and extreme weather on the relationships of migratory avian species and their seasonal resources. This is a critical gap in knowledge that limits our ability to prioritize management and conservation applications throughout the annual cycle. Phenological Synchrony and Bird Migration: Changing Climate and Seasonal Resources in North America explores critical linkages between migratory birds, their seasonal resources, and shifts in climate change and weather events.

Gathered from projects conducted during spring or fall migration, the book covers topics such as:

  • Conservation and management considerations for migratory birds throughout the United States with respect to climate change
  • The relation of climate on the wintering grounds to spring migration of short- and long-distance migratory birds
  • The relationships of migratory birds and their seasonal resources, and the nature of these relationships in the face of climate change and extreme weather events at stopover habitats in both spring and fall migration

With contributions from over 40 researchers, the book will help readers understand the effects of climate change on migratory birds and will provide a solid basis for further inquiry and research in this area.

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