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The Ecology of Bird Communities

Chris Merkord
  • Volume 1: Foundations and patterns Wiens, John A. Cambridge University Press 1989 Cambridge United Kingdom http://www.cambridge.org/9780521426343


    131 b/w illus. 34 tables

    Dimensions: 228 x 152 mm

    Weight: 0.81kg

    English , Global, Cambridge Studies in Ecology 09/29/1989 0521426340 9780521426343 No value No value

These two books represent a synthesis and critical evaluation of studies conducted on bird communities, or sets of bird species that occur together. Drawing from studies conducted throughout the world, they review in detail what is known about the patterns of organization of such communities and the factors, such as competition, predation, past history, climate, habitat or disturbance that may determine these patterns. In Volume 1, the author considers why the avian community ecologists ask the questions they do, and how they have proceeded to answer them. The questions have generally involved both "what" (pattern) and "why" (process) components. Most of the volume is devoted to a critical evaluation of the patterns of bird communities. In Volume 2, the author considers how community organization patterns have been explained in terms of causal processes, how the operation of those processes has been determined, and how the patterns and our efforts to discern and understand them are influenced by the complexity and variability of natural environments.



  • Will be offered as separate volumes or as a 2 volume set
  • Much admired review of bird community ecology now within price range of individual purchasers
  • Many professional ecologists are keen ornithologists so sales will not be limited to those actively studying birds
  • Audience among very keen amateur ornithologists via The Bird Bookshop and other specialist outlets

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