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Tales of Remarkable Birds

Chris Merkord
  • Dominic Couzens Bloomsbury Publishing 2015 http://bloomsbury.com/9781408190234/

    Edition: 1st

    Extent: 224

    Imprint: Bloomsbury Natural History

    Illustrations: Illustrated with 120 full-colour photographs by leading wildlife photographers

    Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 9 3/4"

    English , Global, 05/12/2015 9781408190234 No value No value

Throughout the bird world, examples of strange and seemingly inexplicable behavior abound. For example:


Why do male Fairywrens bring flowers to females as a nuptial gift in the pre-dawn darkness? Especially when the gift-givers are not the official mates of the females concerned, but visitors, who furthermore may give these gifts in full view of the official mate?


Why do gangs of White-winged Choughs “kidnap” their neighbors' fledglings and then keep them in their “gang”?


Which bird is so big, strong, and fierce that stories of it killing humans abound? This book looks at accounts of murderous Cassowaries and explains just what might have happened.


What happens in an albatross “divorce”?


This book divides the world by continent and takes a series of extraordinary stories from each to illustrate a great diversity of bird behavior, each examining the truths and the mythology behind each example. An intriguing book from an author with a remarkable ability to engage his audience. - See more at: http://bloomsbury.com/us/tales-of-remarkable-birds-9781408190234/#sthash.vcCv0TCR.dpuf

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