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Storm-petrels & Bulwer's Petrel

Chris Merkord
  • Storm-petrels & Bulwer's Petrel Bob Flood, Ashley Fisher Ian Lewington Scilly Pelagics 2013 United Kingdom http://www.scillypelagics.com/Multimedia_ID_Guide_SP_BUPE.html

    Not yet published

    English , Nearctic, Palearctic, , Petrels, Shearwaters (Procellariidae), Storm Petrels (Hydrobatidae), Multimedia Identification Guides to North Atlantic Seabirds 1 10/01/2013 9780956886705 No value No value

Storm-petrels & Bulwer’s Petrel: White-faced Storm-petrel, Wilson’s Storm-petrel, European Storm-petrel, Black-bellied Storm-petrel, ‘white-bellied’ storm-petrels, Band-rumped Storm-petrel, Leach’s Storm-petrel, Swinhoe’s Storm-petrel, Matsudaira’s Storm-petrel, Bulwer’s Petrel


About the book

  • A5-sized (hardcover)
  • 212 pages of highly original and detailed text
  • 135 photographs (about 90% previously unpublished)
  • 41 stunning illustrations by Ian Lewington
  • 11 large format full colour range maps
  • Includes 2 DVDs

About the DVDs

  • 2 DVDs with over 120 minutes of footage
  • At-sea footage of all species
  • In-hand and at-colony footage of some species
  • Follows contents of book allowing cross-referencing
  • Enables user to apply knowlege learnt from book
  • Excellent preparation for a seawatch or a pelagic trip
  • PAL format (multiregional) plays on computers worldwide (Canada & USA plays on most modern DVD players)

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