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  1. Title: Volunteer Aviculture Technician Agency: San Diego Zoo Global Location: Tropical Pacific Job Description: VOLUNTEER AVICULTURE TECHNICIANS (2) - needed for 6+ months to assist in an ongoing conservation program of the critically endangered Mariana Crow on the island of Rota, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The position starts in May or earlier. Volunteers are responsible for assisting with incubation, hand-rearing, and husbandry of fledglings and adults, including diet preparation, feeding, cleaning, and aviary and facility maintenance. Volunteers are also responsible for collecting native food items for crows and conducting regular behavioral observations of captive adults at the facility and within the release aviary to ensure they are gaining the skills needed to succeed in the wild (release is planned for September 2019). Volunteers will have a unique opportunity to participate in multiple aspects of a rear and release program, from the collection of eggs from wild nests to the release of adults. Applicants should be physically fit, self-motivated, enthusiastic, enjoy working and living with others in close quarters, and have a good sense of humor. Those applicants with experience in avian husbandry and carpentry will be given priority. Benefits include round-trip airfare to Rota (reimbursed), housing plus utilities, shared vehicles, and $800/mo. To apply, e-mail a cover letter, résumé, and contact information for at least 3 references to Phil Hannon (phannon@sandiegozoo.org). Please combine all application materials in one PDF or Word document and include your full name in the title of the document. Please indicate the earliest date you would be available to travel to Rota and your preferred length of commitment in your cover letter (6 months minimum, longer commitments are preferred). Qualifications: Attention to detail, background in wildlife biology or related field, previous experience in animal husbandry, basic carpentry skills. Applicants must be US Citizens or green card holders. Applicants from the Mariana Islands are strongly encouraged. Salary: 800/month Last Date to apply: 25 March or until filled Website: http://institute.sandiegozoo.org/species/aga and https://www.facebook.com/MarianaCrowRecoveryProject/ Contact: Phil Hannon E-mail: phannon@sandiegozoo.org
  2. Requirements include: This position is for the San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike Captive Breeding Program, a project funded by the U.S. Navy, and located on the Navy's training base on San Clemente Island. Room and board is provided by the U.S. Navy for the five day work week on the island. The U.S. Navy also provides transportation to and from the island at the beginning and end of the work week, from Naval Air Station North Island. Applicants must be available to work any of the seven days of the week. The San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike is a federally listed endangered species, and all applicants must meet U.S. Fish and Wildlife requirements for permits. Thus, all successful applicants will have at least a BS or BA in the natural sciences, or equivalent vocational experience in animal management (2 years vocational experience = 1 year of higher education) Successful applicants will have knowledge/experience in avian husbandry, which may include, natural history, artificial incubation of eggs, chick hand-rearing, bird handling, routine veterinary care, diet preparation, aviary maintenance and design, enrichment, and bird behavior. Additional experience in field techniques and wildlife management, as well as formal behavioral observation and focal sampling methodologies (e.g., all occurrence, instantaneous and 1/0 sampling) with birds or mammals is valuable. Desirable qualifications include the ability to provide light general maintenance in exhibit areas and at the facility. Qualified applicants will have basic computer experience with word processing and spreadsheet programs (e.g., MS Word and Excel). Must be familiar with detailed record keeping and ability to keep clear and accurate notes using such programs. Previous experience with MS Access Databases both data entry and programming, is preferred but not required. The ability to work cooperatively with all members of the Shrike Recovery Program including U.S. Navy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Institute for Wildlife Studies is essential. Selected candidates may be required to spend nights at the captive propagation facility when sick, injured birds, and young chicks are present. Must be able to work outside under various weather conditions and have a valid California driver license. Hours scheduled will be approximately 40 hrs/wk. For more information and to apply: www.sandiegozoo.org/jobs. Deadline to apply Sunday, October 21, 2018. Pacific Time. Salary Starting hourly rate: $16.56 How to Apply Please apply directly to our career website at www.sandiegozoo.org/jobs
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