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    Fern Davies
    • The new OSNA Member Portal is now open and available for you to renew your society memberships in the American Ornithological Society, the Association of Field Ornithologists, the Raptor Research Foundation, and the Wilson Ornithological Society. Renewing online is fast and convenient for you and helps the societies to gather information to better serve you.



    The new OSNA Member Portal is now open and available for you to renew your society memberships. Renewing online is fast and convenient for you and helps us gather information to better serve you.
    The first step is to login to the new Member Portal and set up your account.

    1. Visit the OSNA Member Portal.
    2. To set up your account on your first visit to the OSNA Member Portal, click on Forgot Password under the Login boxes. Next, enter your Login ID, which is the email address where you received this message. You will receive an email to reset your password. When you click on the link in the email, this will take you to a page to enter a new password. Once you have done that, you will go to your personal Profile page (this is your home page.)
    3. If you have already set up your account, enter your Login ID, which is the email address where you received this message, and your password. You will go directly to your personal Profile page.

    Now that you've signed into your Profile page, you will see the option to "Join/Renew" in each of the four societies. Immediately below this, you can "View" all of your 2016 membership types.
    For further instructions that include useful screen shots, use this HELP document.


    If you still need assistance logging in, contact Scott Gillihan, OSNA Membership Manager: OSNAmembers@gmail.com; phone 312-883-4670.
    Next step, Join/Renew/Subscribe.

    1. On your Profile page, click "Join/Renew" or the respective society in the My Membership section of the Member Portal homepage. You will have the opportunity to make donations and add additional society memberships later in the renewal process.




    The Member Portal also offers new options for managing your memberships. These include:
    Honorary, Gratis and Awarded Memberships: Honorary, gratis and awarded memberships are added to member profiles directly by the OSNA societies. If this is your membership type, you may log into the OSNA Member Portal
    AUTOMATIC RENEWALS: During your renewal, on the second page after selecting your first society Membership Type, click "Please charge my credit card and automatically renew my membership" under Other Information. This will apply to all of your memberships.


    GO PAPERLESS: On your Profile page (this is your homepage), select "Edit My Information," and scroll down to Communication Preferences. Click on "Do Not Mail."
    to update your contact information, and join or renew memberships in other OSNA societies.


    Life Members: If you are a Life Member of one or more OSNA societies, you'll hear from the society(s) separately. You may log onto the OSNA Member Portal anytime to update your contact information, or to join or renew memberships in other OSNA societies. Life Memberships do not expire, so there is no need to renew them. If a Life Member wants to donate there are two options: If you are a Life Member of one or more societies, and a Regular member of others, or if you want to join a new society, you can make a donation to any society when you renew your Regular membership or if you join a new society. If you are a Life Member of one or more societies and don not have any Regular memberships that need to new renewed, you can make a donation by clicking "Make a Donation" on the right side of the Profile pag e. The societies appreciate donations from our Life Members. Refer to the HELP document mentioned above if you have questions.
    As you review your renewal opportunities among all societies in which you choose to renew or join, we hope you consider making a donation to the OSNA societies - all need your support, and all deeply appreciate your generosity.


    If we do not hear from you in January (by updating your profile, making selections, and renewing), we will mail you a printed copy of the OSNA renewal form. As in the past, OSNA sends out several reminder emails and printed renewal notices during our Renewal Season if you have not yet renewed.


    Your membership in any of the OSNA societies entitles you to the full benefits of those societies, which can be found on the society websites (links to all websites are below and on the OSNA Member Portal page.) Membership in any of the OSNA societies also entitles you to the OSNA electronic version of the Ornithological Newsletter (issued six times per year and the online version of the membership directory, The Flock. Orders for printed copies of Ornithological Newsletter can be placed when you renew your memberships. Members can access the current and historical electronic issues of the Ornithological Newsletter anytime, and download PDF copies from the OSNA Member Portal, by clicking the "OSNA Newsletters" tab at the top of the page. During the OSNA transition, Ornithological Jobs will not be available on the OSNA Member Portal or on the OSNA website. Please use the job postings on Ornithology Exchange to post or search for jobs in ornithology.


    Please contact OSNA if you have questions:
    For questions about logging-in, your membership, missing journals and other issues contact Scott Gillihan, OSNA Membership Manager: OSNAmembers@gmail.com; phone 312-883-4670.


    The Auk: Ornithological Advances, The Condor: Ornithological Applications, Studies in Avian Biology, and Ornithological Monographs
    : Michigan State University, 31 July - 5 August 2017
    Publications www.americanornithologypubs.org


    Association of Field Ornithologists


    Website www.afonet.org
    Journal of Field Ornithology onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1557-9263
    2017 Annual Meeting: Iguazu Falls, Argentina - Joint meeting with Sociedade Brasileira de Ornitologia and Aves Argentinas, date to be determined


    Raptor Research Foundation
    Wilson Ornithological Society
    Website www.raptorresearchfoundation.org
    Journal of Raptor Research www.bioone.org/loi/rapt
    2017 Annual Meeting: Salt Lake City, Utah USA 8-12 November 2017


    Wilson Journal of Onithology www.wjoonline.org




    2017 Annual Meeting: Fort Myers, Florida, 9-12 March 2017


    Website www.wilsonsociety.org


    Ornithological Council



    Website www.nmnh.si.edu/BIRDNET



    Members of OSNA societies also benefit from the important services of the Ornithological Council (OC). The OC provides ornithologists with a direct link to (1) government agencies that affect research (including permits, animal welfare, funding, data access policies, and more) and (2) decision-makers who need scientific information about birds to make sound decisions about bird conservation and management and other activities that affect birds. The OC is sponsored by 12 member societies across the Western Hemisphere and by individual ornithologists. Contributions to OC can be made during the renewal process in the OSNA Member Portal. CLICK ON THE DONATIONS BUTTON.

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