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Flocks of Colour

Chris Merkord
  • Olsen, Penny National Library of Australia 2013 Australia http://publishing.nla.gov.au/book/flocks-of-colour.do English , Australasian, , Australia, , Parrots (Psittacidae), 03/01/2014 10/01/2013 9780642278067 No value

What name could be a more apt description of Australia than 'The Land of Parrots', a name inspired by late sixteenth-century maps showing a southern region labelled 'Psittacorum regio'? This beautiful book takes a close look at parrots in Australia, from the first published illustration of an Australian parrot — a Rainbow Lorikeet collected live on Cook's 1770 voyage — to William T Cooper’s twentieth-century watercolour of the elusive Night Parrot.


With introductory essays by ornithologist Penny Olsen, Flocks of Colour covers two and a quarter centuries of discovery and illustration of Australia's avifauna. It features a rich portfolio of images of all the Australian parrots, by various artists including John Gould, Edward Lear, Neville W Cayley and William T Cooper, selected from the collections of the National Library of Australia. The foreword is by Joseph Forshaw, a world expert on the parrot family.

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