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Extinct Birds

Chris Merkord
  • Julian P. Hume, Michael Walters Bloomsbury Publishing 2012 London United Kingdom http://www.bloomsbury.com/9781408157251/

    544 pages

    llustrations: 80 black and white illustrations

    Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 9 3/4"

    English , Global, Poyser Monographs 02/19/2012 9781408157251 No value No value

This is the first comprehensive review of the hundreds of bird species and subspecies that have become extinct over the last 1,000 years of habitat degradation, over-hunting and rat introduction. Covering both familiar icons of extinction as well as more obscure birds, some known from just one specimen or from traveller's tales, the book also looks at hundreds of species from the subfossil record - birds that disappeared without ever being recorded. Julian Hume and Michael Walters recreate these lost birds in stunning detail, bringing together an up to date review of the literature for every species. From Great Auks, Carolina Parakeets and Dodos to the amazing yet completely vanished bird radiations of Hawaii and New Zealand, via rafts of extinctions in the Pacific and elsewhere, this book is both a sumptuous reference and an amazing testament to humanity's impact on birds.


A direct replacement for Greenway's seminal 1958 title Extinct and Vanishing Birds, this book will be the standard reference on the subject for generations to come.

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