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Speciation in birds

Chris Merkord
  • Trevor Price Roberts and Company 2008 United States http://www.roberts-publishers.com/biology/speciation-in-birds.html

    480 pages, printed in full color

    English 01/01/2008 0974707783 9780974707785 No value No value

In Speciation in Birds, Trevor Price, a University of Chicago professor and leading expert in the field, has written the most authoritative and modern synthesis on the subject to date. In clear and engaging prose and through beautiful illustrations, Price shows us why the field is as exciting and vibrant as ever. He evaluates the roles of natural selection and sexual selection. He asks how speciation contributes to some of the great patterns in species diversity such as the large number of species in the tropics, and the many endemic species on isolated islands. Throughout the book, Price emphasizes the integration of behavior, ecology, and genetics.

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