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African Raptors

African Raptors

Author: Bill Clark, Rob Davies

Published: 2016-06-21

Publisher's Description:

This is the most comprehensive single-volume identification guide to African Raptors ever published.
Africa has the most diverse range of raptors of any continent, with almost a third of the world's species occurring in the region. This comprehensive new book treats all of these species in impressive detail, with an emphasis on their field identification. A full range of plumages is illustrated for each species, with each plate usually covering only two species. The specially commissioned artwork has been painted by raptor enthusiast Rob Davies. The authoritative text treats the identification of both perched and in-flight birds, and covers all major plumages and morphs. These texts are accompanied by up-to-date range maps and many fabulous colour photographs from some of the world's leading bird photographers. This new book will be an essential reference for all those with an interest in raptors and especially African raptors.



  • Language: English
  • Biogeographical Realm: Afrotropic
  • Countries Covered:
  • Families Covered: Secretarybird (Sagittariidae), Ospreys (Pandionidae), Kites, Hawks and Eagles (Accipitridae), Caracaras, Falcons (Falconidae)


  • Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
  • City:
  • Country:


  • Series Title: Helm Identification Guides
  • Number in Series:
  • Series Editor:

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  • Date Published: 20 Jun 2016
  • ISBN-10: 0713665386
  • ISBN-13: 9780713665383