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GeoLight to FlightR workflow


I am new to working in R, but have been trying my hand at FlightR for analyzing Geolocator data. I have been using a csv that has the following format:

tFirst, tSecond, type, movement_cat
In this case, tFirst and tSecond are timestamps, type is either a 1 or a 2, and movement_cat is a 1 or 0.
With this data, I have been able to work through the excellent example here: https://github.com/eldarrak/FLightR/blob/master/examples/Black-Tailed_Godwit_JAB_example/A5_GeoLight_analysis.Rmd
At the end of that example, it states that I can proceed to the FlightR workflow. I am unsure how the two examples connect. Can someone shed some light on this? 


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Hi there,


The routine you used (i.e. in the Appendix A5) is the one that Eldar and others used in their paper to compare Geolight threshold method to FLightR template fit method of estimating positions from geolocator data and accuracy comparison to GPS tracks.


If your processed twilights are in TAGS format (you can use GeoLight to do this). You can follow the FLightR algorithm in Appendix 6 from the same paper:  




There's also this useful workflow that details routines for several methods of light-level analysis:





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