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  1. Kathy Martin, Chair of the NAOC-V, welcomed the participants to the NAOC-V John Innes opened the meeting and introduced Vancouver and the University of British Columbia, and welcomed the plenary speaker, Fiona Schmiegelow. Fiona Schmigelow during her plenary talk. After the plenary, Bob Clark, chair of the scientific committee, gave the following news regarding the scientific program: Program News: Thanked the NAOC-V Scientific Program Committee Thanked committees for student travel and presentation awards Oral talks - go to your session 25 min early, upload your talk and meet the chair Pracice Room - upstairs at SUB - PartyRoom Poster Session 1 - Wednesday (5-7 PM) and Thursday (5-6) PM) PLace them after this session/nolnn, and remove them on Monday Program Updates Cancelled talks and posterss - see insert in the pgram booklet. Plus: W13.9, Conservation (Farmer et al.) cancelled Talks will be given at the originally scheduled times in the program booklet Other announcements, by Kathy Martin Silent auctio (asap) - SUB214/216, and bidding starts at 10:00 today Student-Mentor Lunch (12:00) - SUB Ballroom (AOU sponsor) Tonight 7-9 PM People of a Feather (film; SUB Auditorium; tickets at door) Aerial insectivores meeting (Buchanan A203) SFO Discussion (Frederic Wood Theatre) [*]8 pm until late - bird band jam (off campus; tickets at door [*]Thursday am early morning birding 6-8 am Thuersday to Saturday, sign up at registration desk Ostrich Run at 6:45 am (Flagpole Plaza, outside Chan Theatre) [*]Any Time: Exhibitator booth (SRC and coffee) Beatty Museum UBC Book Store - 15% discount with code CSC12. [*]Coffee stations (4: Buchanan A, Hennings, Chemistry, SRC. [*]Messages - at the registration desk. [*]Banquet tickets - a few might be available at the registrationd esk. [*]Waterbird Society Lunch (on Thursday) - pick up tickets at WS booth [*]comments on reducing and reclying ("greening") [*]Local Orgnizing Committee members are wearing special name tags with green ribbon [*]Acknowledged volunteers [*]Watch out for construction on campus [*]Orientation - NAOC falgs and red shirt volunteers will guide you from Chan Theatre to other venues Society of Canadian Ornithologists awards: On behalf of the Doris H. Speirs Award Committee, Erica Nol presented the Doris H. Speirs Award, presented annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to Canadian ornithology, to: Peter Arcese Andrea Pomeroy, chair of the Jaimie Smith Award Committee, presented the Jamie Smith Memorial Mentoring Award in Ornithology to: Laurene Ratcliffe Any errors in the preceding information are likely mine, so please just leave a comment correcting me. If you missed the plenary session, you also missed the bagpipes. Here's a snippet of their awesome performance: [yt=HpSoOLrvCIU][/yt]
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