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Chris Merkord
  • Berkut Berkut http://aetos.kiev.ua/

    The Ukrainian journal of ornithology BERKUT (GOLDEN EAGLE) is published since 1992. It is the first ornithological periodical in Ukraine and one of the most known journals of ornithology in the former USSR. The journal publishes works on all aspects of ornithology. BERKUT has 4 working languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and German. All publications have English summaries. All the information in tables and figures is duplicated in English. Publications cover the large region from West Europe to the Far East of Russia. A few articles about birds of Antarctic and Africa have also appeared. The journal is published twice-yearly.


    Published papers are accessible online.

    English German Russian Ukrainian International , Antarctica, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Kazakhstan, Lesotho, Moldova, Republic of, Pakistan, Poland, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Viet Nam, Journal Active 1992 Two times per year 1727-0200 40556477 98642374 Ornithologische Schriftenschau Referativnyi Zhurnal Zoological Record http://www.aetos.kiev.ua/berkut/conte.htm 1-20 (1992-2011) site of the journal
Ukrainian Journal of Ornithology
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